SPIN is a Four Letter Word

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The world of media is an ever-evolving machine, growing in unique ways. From its early days when print dominated, to the dawn of online news and the birth of social media flipping everything on its ear, the era of storytelling, communication and breaking news has changed dramatically. Hearing the word "spin" is every public relation professional’s worst nightmare. To some, the term “public relations” stirs up a variety of buzzwords: “crisis communications”, “media” or even the dreaded “spin” word itself; this show serves to clear up misunderstandings and stereotypes. Hosted by long-time PR pro and President of Maroon PR, John Maroon, SPIN is a Four Letter Word gets right to the heart of the public relation and media-industry scene today with a no-fluff, cut-to-the-chase show that discusses issues impacting our world. We delve into important topics and talk to some of the top journalists, PR pros and news makers in the business today.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. John Minadakis, President at Jimmy's Famous Seafood | 12

    Did someone say crab cakes? John Maroon and Jen Renehan welcome John Minadakis, President at Jimmy’s Famous Seafood. Emigrating from Greece, Demetrios “Jimmy” Minadakis opened the restaurant in 1974 with his sons John and Tony keeping the legacy alive. Since then, Jimmy’s has become a Maryland and national staple, not ...


  2. Previewing the BMW Championship | 11

    John and Matt welcome John Borneman, Senior Director of Communications for the Western Golf Association and the Evans Scholars Foundation, as they prepare for the 2021 BMW Championship at Caves Valley Golf Club. An Evans Scholar recipient himself, John shares the history of the foundation and the impact it has ...


  3. Rob Nelson, Inventor and Founder of Big League Chew | 10

    Join John Maroon and Maroon PR Account Director Nicole Durante in having some Bubble Gum Fun with Rob Nelson, inventor and founder of Big League Chew. This iconic bubble gum brand and longtime client of Maroon PR provides a product that is fun, shareable, and high-quality. This partnership is unlike ...


  4. Jon Jackson, Deputy Director of Athletics/Men's Basketball & External Affairs | 9

    John and Matt have a timely and important conversation with Jon Jackson, Deputy Director of Athletics/Men’s Basketball & External Affairs at Duke. With the news of Coach K’s upcoming retirement, Jon, Coach K’s right-hand man, is able to offer insight into Duke’s future. As the last season of Coach K’s ...


  5. Hot Button Issue of Athletes & Media Access | 8

    Media access to athletes is an age-old discussion but one that is timely yet again…join us for another emergency pod! John, Matt, and Jen discuss how today's media landscape is evolving and affecting athletes, journalists, and even PR professionals. Though this is not a new conversation, many athletes and most ...