SPIN is a Four Letter Word

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The world of media is an ever-evolving machine, growing in unique ways. From its early days when print dominated, to the dawn of online news and the birth of social media flipping everything on its ear, the era of storytelling, communication and breaking news has changed dramatically. Hearing the word "spin" is every public relation professional’s worst nightmare. To some, the term “public relations” stirs up a variety of buzzwords: “crisis communications”, “media” or even the dreaded “spin” word itself; this show serves to clear up misunderstandings and stereotypes. Hosted by long-time PR pro and President of Maroon PR, John Maroon, SPIN is a Four Letter Word gets right to the heart of the public relation and media-industry scene today with a no-fluff, cut-to-the-chase show that discusses issues impacting our world. We delve into important topics and talk to some of the top journalists, PR pros and news makers in the business today.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Phyllis Merhige, Trailblazing Former MLB Executive | 4

    Phyllis Merhige is a former Major League Baseball executive who trailblazed her way to become one of the highest-ranking women ever in any major professional sport. She stopped by for a chat with John and Jen to talk about her incredible career and the indelible legacy she left for many ...


  2. Holden Wilen, Baltimore Business Journal | 3

    Dominating your niche in today’s media landscape with Holden Wilen, reporter at the Baltimore Business Journal. Long before the pandemic reared its ugly head, the news rooms of America were shrinking in size as outlets struggled to keep up with the competitiveness of the ...


  3. Fallout From MLB Moving All-Star Game Out of Georgia | 2

    Breaking news from the world of sports and the Maroon PR team is on it! This episode covers the ramifications from Major League Baseball’s polarizing decision to move this year’s All-Star Game out of Georgia in response to the state’s controversial new voting law. ...


  4. Cal Ripken, Jr. | 1

    What better way to kick off SPIN is a Four Letter Word than a visit with Baltimore Orioles great and Baseball Hall of Fame shortstop, the “Iron Man” Cal Ripken, Jr! Cal joins John Maroon for a sit-down to talk about their long-time friendship, forged from John’s first year with ...


  5. Trailer: SPIN is a Four Letter Word

    Hearing the word "spin" is every public relation professional’s worst nightmare. From an outsider's perspective, hearing the term "public relations" means, "crisis communications", "media" or even the dreaded "spin" word itself... we're here to clear up those stereotypes and misunderstandings. Long-time PR pro and President of Maroon PR, John Maroon ...