Drew Johnson, Director of Strategic Communications at Octagon | 7

Episode 7 June 08, 2021 00:29:56
Drew Johnson, Director of Strategic Communications at Octagon | 7
SPIN is a Four Letter Word
Drew Johnson, Director of Strategic Communications at Octagon | 7

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John and Matt have the opportunity to speak with Drew Johnson, Director of Strategic Communications at Octagon. Supporting and guiding some of the greatest American Olympic athletes of all time, Drew has a unique perspective on the changing media landscape. He and his team work with their clients throughout their entire career and beyond, helping each athlete take steps to be successful past their likely one opportunity for victory at the Olympics. Drew shares his insights on the evolution of social media and how authenticity in branding has provided challenges for various clients, such as Michael Phelps. Drew encourages his athletes to use their platforms to talk about issues that are important to them, just as Drew has done today while sharing his passion for public relations.

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