Abe Madkour, Executive Editor of Sports Business Journal | 6

Episode 6 May 18, 2021 00:26:12
Abe Madkour, Executive Editor of Sports Business Journal | 6
SPIN is a Four Letter Word
Abe Madkour, Executive Editor of Sports Business Journal | 6

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John and Matt are joined by Abe Madkour, Executive Editor and Publisher of the Sports Business Journal. They dive into Abe’s rise from ground level as a journalist at the SBJ to becoming the lead man of the publication. They discuss how sports business has evolved with regard to competition, what SBJ has done to handle the shrinking newsroom and how they continue to outlast others in this space as a multimedia leader. The trio explore the dynamics around the recent television rights deals both the NFL and NHL signed, the “linear” aspect, how streaming plays part in the equation and what that could spell for other major sports leagues in the future. The guys get Abe’s take on the common mistakes sports organizations, leagues and teams continue to make, why there is much more emphasis placed on communications overall and why that is more prominent than at any time ever in the industry.

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