Phyllis Merhige, Trailblazing Former MLB Executive | 4

Episode 4 April 27, 2021 00:33:12
Phyllis Merhige, Trailblazing Former MLB Executive | 4
SPIN is a Four Letter Word
Phyllis Merhige, Trailblazing Former MLB Executive | 4

Apr 27 2021 | 00:33:12


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John Maroon

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Phyllis Merhige is a former Major League Baseball executive who trailblazed her way to become one of the highest-ranking women ever in any major professional sport. She stopped by for a chat with John and Jen to talk about her incredible career and the indelible legacy she left for many generations of women to come. Phyllis spent 43 years in baseball and prior to her retirement in 2016, was part of the Commissioners’ Office as MLB’s Senior Vice President for Club Relations, leading the direction of all official scorers in the Major Leagues, among many other key responsibilities. The trio discuss Phyllis’s rise through the ranks, what John learned as a young assistant to Phyllis that helped propel his career, what led her to get into the world of sports and in a male-dominated industry and the advice she would give young people looking to get into the PR industry today.

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