Michael Ortman, best-selling author of "Opening Day: 50-For-50" | 24

Episode 24 May 20, 2022 00:15:11
Michael Ortman, best-selling author of "Opening Day: 50-For-50" | 24
SPIN is a Four Letter Word
Michael Ortman, best-selling author of "Opening Day: 50-For-50" | 24

May 20 2022 | 00:15:11


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John Maroon

Show Notes

On this episode John and Matt welcome best-selling author, Michael Ortman. Maroon PR has worked with Michael to promote his recently published book, "Opening Day: 50-For-50" which highlights his experiences of attending 50 consecutive years of baseball opening days. A well-researched work of love, the book represents a half-century of great stories and historical context linked to each of those 50 days. For more information, visit Mike's website www.openingday5050.com

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