John Lazarou, Media Relations Manager at GBMC | 23

Episode 23 April 20, 2022 00:28:09
John Lazarou, Media Relations Manager at GBMC | 23
SPIN is a Four Letter Word
John Lazarou, Media Relations Manager at GBMC | 23

Apr 20 2022 | 00:28:09


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John Maroon

Show Notes

With the impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic still being felt globally, we invite John Lazarou, Media Relations Manager of our long time client, Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC), to weigh in on how the pandemic has changed the medical and media landscape. With so many unknowns surrounding the pandemic, GBMC was forced to adapt quickly to maintain the safety of their staff and patients, implementing programs to support their clinical professionals and recognizing educational opportunities through media interviews to inform the public and colleagues about their research and expertise regarding the pandemic. Lazarou discusses media relation strategies, the importance of accuracy and timeliness, influence of social media, and expresses great appreciation for healthcare workers and staff.

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