Women in Media with Tracy Brandys & Gina Crash of Audacy | 21

Episode 21 March 24, 2022 00:37:24
Women in Media with Tracy Brandys & Gina Crash of Audacy | 21
SPIN is a Four Letter Word
Women in Media with Tracy Brandys & Gina Crash of Audacy | 21

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John Maroon

Show Notes

As we celebrate Women's History Month, Jen Renehan is joined by Tracy Brandys and Gina Crash of Audacy. Each professional brings their own unique perspectives and experiences to the conversation on women in media and PR.

Tracy is the SVP, Market Manager at Audacy. She is an experienced leader and innovator with over 20+ years of experience in the media industry and works closely with Maroon PR to build authentic, creative and results-driven campaigns for clients. Gina Crash brings 25+ years in broadcast and is currently the morning show host on Today’s 101.9.

Listen along as the dynamic trio discusses women's growth in the media and PR industries, challenges and opportunities for women, and advice for anyone looking to succeed in business.

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